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Neon Dunk


About Neon Dunk


Neon Dunk is an exciting basketball game. The neon silhouette falls and must move to the white circle. Avoid foreign objects and get stars.

In this game, you have to move the ball into the ball collecting game. but the ball will automatically fall, and you have to move really fast. The ball will fall from above, but if you do not move in the falling direction of the ball in time, it does not fall into the ring as you lose. Moreover, you also have to get more stars along the way the ball falls. it will help you a lot. it calculates points, it gets you more gifts and rewards. You just have to put the ball into the net, get the stars and also avoid the bombs. It all happened in a short time.

This is totally different neon basketball game. You don't have to throw the ball or pull the ball anymore. The ball will fall by itself, adding the ball looks very burning, creating excitement for everyone.

Tips: you need to see quickly the direction of the ball's fall, where the circle collects and if you quickly move, the ball will hit.


  • Beautiful and unique colors and images
  • Improved reflexes and observation skills

How to play

First, you click on the big triangle in the bottom corner of the screen to play. Use your skills to move the ball left to right, and how to make the ball fall into the correct collection circle, if you fall out, you lose. Try to get more stars and avoid obstacles.

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