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Bloon Pop


About Bloon Pop


Bloon Pop is a super fun throwing ball game. See the ball, throw darts, explode the ball, score to unlock, and go to the next level.

In this game, you will test your shooting skills. Aim the target is the balls, aim, and shoot. Choose a target, suit level, and shoot. Colorful balls are hovering, blocking your view, you have to dart and explode.

What you need to do is launch the target accurately, see where the ball you want to explore is, and launch. It sounds difficult, but actually, aiming the dart at the target is very difficult. Balloon Pop also has obstacles and you have to avoid them. Those obstructions are the ones that will block your darts throw. Be careful.

Fight your way to victory by launching dart after dart across a phalanx of rubber, multi-colored, helium-filled balloons. You just have to throw all the balls and you will win. And the wooden slats moving around are a big obstacle.

Tips: orient carefully before launching. Once you have aimed at the target, launch quickly to avoid obstacles that make your darts not hit.

How to play

Click and hold the left mouse button to aim. You can move left to right at will to see the previous path of the dart. You just need to press and hold back to gain momentum and then release the darts will launch into the ball. Please look carefully and look at the suggested path of the dart before launching.

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