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Dunk Shot


About Dunk Shot


Dunk Shot is a fascinating sports game based on the basketball theme. In this game, you have to aim and shoot a ball by dragging a basket and releasing it.

In this game, you have an opportunity to enjoy basketball in a new interesting way. Coming to this sports game, you will participate in endless races to shoot that ball to the basket. Your mission is to press the left button and drag your mouse to aim, then shoot by releasing it. Easy controls! However, in order to shoot successfully, you will spend time practising because it is more challenging than your thought. Note that there is a direction-guess line in the aiming process. Take advantage of this line to aim more exactly. Good luck!

You will play alone in this sports game and try to shoot correctly as many balls as possible. In addition, you can collect stars while playing. Use collected stars to unlock new balls! Let's throw balls from one basket to another basket by dragging your mouse to create force and sliding your mouse to align the angle. Then, release to shoot. It's easy to control but challenging to master. Baskets are more difficult to control than your thought.

Features of Dunk Shot

  • The superb and attractive basketball game
  • Endless races
  • Collect stars and unlock new skins

How to play

  • Press and drag the left mouse button to aim
  • Release it to shoot

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