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Basketball With Buddies


About Basketball With Buddies


Basketball With Buddies is an amazing sports game that you can play against your friends or your computer in real-time. You have 60 seconds for each match.

When you first enter the game, you will be able to choose a character you like. An interesting thing here is that the characters are provided with names and avatars. Depending on your preferences, and gender, you can choose 1 favourite player for yourself. After that, the game will need 5 seconds to make pair. You will have an opponent to play at the same time, on a screen. The screen will split in half, below is your part, and above is your opponent. We can see each other play, and see each other's scores.

Initially, the basket will be stationary in the centre. After you successfully throw the first ball into the basket, it will start moving. At this time, the difficulty level of the game will increase. The basket will move left, and right continuously. Therefore, you need to be skilful to control the ball into the basket.

In the allowed time, try to control the ball into the basket as much as possible. Each time the ball gets into the basket, you will get 1 point. You and your opponent need to try your best to get more points, the person who has more points in 60 seconds will become a winner and vice versa.

A special thing is that there are 3 emojis: Happy, sad, and angry on the left side of the screen. You can tap these emojis to let your opponent know how you feel or to provoke your buddies.

Tip to play

Drag and release the mouse gently, and have to guess the movement direction of the basket, it will be easier for you to put the ball into the basket.

Features of Basketball With Buddies

  • Split-screen mode is available
  • Choose your favourite game player that is available
  • Use emojis to provoke your buddies
  • Always have an opponent to play against (friends or bots)
  • Express your personal feelings on the game

How to play

You just need to press and hold the left mouse button on the ball and drag it up so that it can fall into the basket.

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