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Basketball Serial Shooter


About Basketball Serial Shooter


Basketball Serial Shooter is an exciting sports game. This game gives us the feeling of playing real basketball with funny sounds and eye-catching 3D graphics.

In this game, the number of balls is unlimited, depending on your dexterity and professionalism. There are many balls to choose from, if you don't have enough diamonds you can use the free basketball. For the remaining balls, you need 100 diamonds to exchange. The interesting point is that you can receive gifts from the game, each time you receive 5 diamonds, the time to receive gifts is 3 hours apart. When you see the ad, you will be given 5 diamonds. The settings have a cog-shaped shape that allows the player to turn on or off the music and sound.

When starting to play, you will see on the right side of the screen the number of diamonds you have, and on the left side of the screen is the speed. The first pitch will not be timed. From the 2nd throw onwards, the time bar will run backwards. During that time, try to get the ball into the basket. The number of balls you hit the basket will appear on the screen. When you do not hit the ball into the basket, the ball will bounce out and disappear. The position of the basket will change after each play. Therefore, you must estimate the appropriate distance and speed to put the ball into the basket.


Normally, you need to drag and drop 2 times, the ball will pop up and fly into the basket. 1 time is not enough, and 3 times will make the ball go out of the basket.

Features of Basketball Serial Shooter

  • Funny, vibrant sound
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Unlimited number of balls
  • Attractive gifts

How to play

  • If you use a computer, just click, hold the mouse, drag up and release the mouse to help the ball bounce and fall into the basket.
  • If you're on a phone, tap the screen, drag it up, and release your finger to make the ball pop.

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