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Basketball Kings 2022


About Basketball Kings 2022


Basketball Kings 2022 is an exciting sports game that brings you the feeling of playing basketball in real when you try to throw the ball into the basket.

Click your mouse to make the ball bounce and hold down to adjust the force.

When you start playing this game, the first ball to be thrown into the basket is not timed. But from the second ball on, the time will be counted backwards, and it will show right at the top of the screen. You must try to throw the ball into the basket during that time. If time runs out and you haven't thrown the ball into the net, you will have to start over.

Each ball thrown into the basket will be added 1 point. This score will appear right on the screen after you successfully throw a ball. When you hit a winning streak, you'll set a record. As you get used to the game, you'll find it easier and more likely to break old records and create new ones.

Something you need to notice is the different heights of the basketball pole. Sometimes it's high, sometimes low, and sometimes medium. At the same time, the position of it will change after you hit a ball into the basket: when left, when right.


  • Normally, when you click two times on the left mouse, the ball will be thrown into the net.
  • It also depends on the distance from the ball to the basketball pole.
  • When it's near, you just need to click one time, but when it's far, you need to click about three times.
  • Features of Basketball Kings 2022.

Suitable for everyone, especially who likes sport games

  • Graphic design in three dimensions
  • Simple and interesting gameplay
  • Excellent effects and visuals
  • Always save the latest record

How to play

  • You just need to click on your left mouse. It helps you to bounce the ball, and lift the ball up and when the ball jumps up, try to drive it into the basket.

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