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Basket Slam


About Basket Slam


Basket Slam is a fun and attractive sports game. Your task in this game is to draw a path to help the ball slam the blue object and fly into the basket.

In this game, your task is to guide the ball to throw the basket by drawing a line down the platform. The ball will move from where you drew to the platform and bounce back out. Adjust the drawing angle and force so that the ball hits the basket. The longer your drawing line, the greater the force you use.

Each turn has a total of 7 balls. The number of balls will appear at the top centre of the screen. Each time you do not complete the task, 1 ball will be deducted. The number of balls will be counted down. To get 1 more ball, you can watch 1 promotional video in the top right corner. The game's play screen will have a coins section in the top left corner and a high score section in the bottom left corner. The position of the basket is always fixed, but the position of the blue base is always changed after each play. On the first playthrough, there is a how-to guide for you, follow it and you will pass the first round. In the next play, you have to manually direct the path for the ball, so that it slams the available blue platform and bounces up so that it can fall into the basket.


If you are a good basketball player then this game will be very easy for you. It's like playing real basketball. Therefore, you have to estimate the distance and speed so that the ball can fly into the basket.

Features of Basket Slam

  • Attractive, eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Interesting, creative gameplay
  • Suitable for all ages

How to play

  • If you play with your phone, just touch the screen, drag a line and release your finger to throw the ball.
  • If you play by computer, use your mouse to drag a line and release it to throw the ball.

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