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Tug The Table


About Tug The Table


Tug The Table offers an intensive match between two stickmen. You must control your character to pull the table to your opposing side and win.

In this game, you can choose one of two game modes to play. The first is the 1P game mode. In this mode, you will control your stickman and compete with another stickman controlled by the computer. You have to move the table to your side by pressing the up arrow key. If your opponent places a leg on the white line in the middle of the field, you will win. Earn five stars to determine the winner by competing. Let's pull to be the first to receive five stars. The second is 2P game mode. You will join the game with another person. Therefore, you can invite your friend to control the characters on the same device. Good luck!

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How to play

Player 1: Use the up arrow key to play.

Player 2: Use the W key to play.

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