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Super Mario Bros


About Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is a classic video game that everyone has heard of. Play now and transform into Mario to save the princess from the evil turtle tribe Koopa.

Surely you are too familiar with the plumber Mario, with his outstanding red clothes. Over the years Mario has been loved by many people for his wit and bravery. And now, when playing, the player assumes the character of Mario and must go across the Mushroom Kingdom and accidentally learns that their princess Princess Toadstool is being captured by the vicious turtle monster Koopa. Fighting the villainous and vicious turtle character Koopa is a very difficult thing but you have to overcome it to complete the game and become the much-admired hero. Mario must reach the flag pole at the end of each level to win the game. The player must collect coins that are scattered throughout on the way to the rescue. If there is adequate time, there are also question mark bricks that, when hit, reveal more coins and other strange items. If there is adequate time, it is necessary to strike further bricks since they may contain money or unusual goods. Those items can be very beneficial to you at higher difficulty levels and help you survive in times of danger. One special thing you need to keep in mind is the mushrooms. The mushrooms in this Mushroom kingdom are like a magic potion. When eating a mushroom changes normal Marion into Super Mario, doubling his size and granting him the power to destroy bricks above. However, if he is hit while in this mode, he will revert to his original nature, but he will not die.

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How to play

Use the mouse, move fast and save the mushroom princess.

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