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Clash Of Heroes


About Clash Of Heroes


Clash Of Heroes is an extremely thrilling fighting game. You are holding a powerful army, and quickly bringing troops to invade other kingdoms.

In the game, it blends aspects of role-playing, turn-based strategy, puzzle, and Heroes of Might and Magic franchises, allowing players to engage in both required and optional tasks while can using army recruiting and resource management. The game's armies are made up of five of the eight playable factions from Heroes of Might and Magic V: the Haven, Inferno, Sylvan, Academy, and Necropolis. Each of the heroes, who serve as the player's avatars in alternate phases of exploration and battle, and who gain experience and new skills as the game goes on, are specific members of each faction. Two separate troops are used in battles, with friendly troops appearing on the bottom screen and enemy troops appearing on the top screen. Players attempt to stack similarly colored soldiers vertically by moving individual soldiers around the battlefield during each turn. When the proper number of soldiers of the same color are stacked, they start preparing for an attack that will be carried out after a certain number of turns.

How to play

Use the mouse and clicks to move troops.

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