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Smart Looter


About Smart Looter


Join the heist missions with Smart Looter to become rich. Plan carefully, and control your character wisely so as not to be caught by the police.

Your Mission

In the game, you officially become agile thieves. The evening is coming, it's your action time. Go to places like homestays, museums, etc. Everywhere there are valuables, you are welcome to go all the way to loot. The more you steal, of course, the richer you will be. But there will definitely be guards patrolling, so be careful. Be the smartest and richest thief.

Controls Guide

You have to know where you are going to steal this time and carefully study the terrain there. Planning, and successfully breaking in is the first step to success in this robbery. Move and find things to steal by moving the mouse and the character will follow your instructions. You may check the minimum value of items that must be taken from each level as well as your current progress in the top left corner of the game. After stealing and collecting all the valuable things, quickly run out and climb into the waiting car. So successfully, you have successfully completed your heist mission. Through the level, continue to move to the next location and continue stealing.

But do not rush to rejoice too soon, every place that has valuable things for you to steal, there will certainly be security there. Each room is guarded by a specific number of patrols, which will increase as you play harder levels. The green light on their lights indicates the area they are looking at, you are safe when the light turns red, and they have seen you. In such a situation, try to run away before being caught. Run out and get in the car with your friends if you don't want to go to jail and lose. Looks interesting right? If you want to test your wits, you can also try Line Rider, World's Hardest Game, Trap The Cat, and Happy Glass.

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