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World's Hardest Game


About World's Hardest Game


World's Hardest Game is a speed game that is considered the hardest in the world. Try playing to see if you can master the speed of avoiding obstacles.

An engaging speedrunning game with a variety of difficulties is called World's Hardest Game. The difficulty of this game may drive you insane. Many other players have commented that World's Hardest Game is a bizarre game in their comments. The game's appeal, however, stems from this. To succeed in this running game, you have to have lightning-fast reflexes. Your central character in this enjoyable game is a red square. To get to the destination, you must command this square. However, due to the numerous risks and challenges in your path, achieving this objective is not simple. These obstacles are capable of moving quickly. It is therefore difficult to avoid running into obstacles. Furthermore, before proceeding to the finish line on many levels, you must collect items. You will be in charge of guiding your red square through a series of levels, or blue dots and red zones, in these action puzzle games. Another special thing is that you cannot complete the challenges if you do not collect enough items. This is considered incomplete. Make a careful strategy if you don't want to lose at the first move. What are you waiting for, give it a try now?

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How to play

Use mouse and ASWD keys or arrow keys to move.

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