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Rugby 2021


About Rugby 2021


Rugby 2021 is a fun game for enthusiasts of the rugby game. Come to this game to keep your ball safely from players of opposite teams and avoid obstacles.

In this game, your task is to control your character by pressing and holding the left mouse button to hold the ball and moving the mouse to control the character's direction. Besides that, you can dodge the ball by releasing the left mouse button to throw the ball to the player on your team. If you throw the ball, the game time will be much faster. However, it will be risky because of countless obstacles on the way. Your ball can collide with obstacles in the throwing process. Moreover, the two sides of the road are empty spaces. If you throw the ball into this area, the game will be over.

In addition, you also need to dodge the players of the opposing team. You are on the green team and you need to avoid the red team members. If you are touched by a player on the red team while you are holding the ball, the round will end. If you throw the ball and the ball touches the red team, you will also restart the game.

Note that when you run to the finish line, you need to hit the ball to hit the moving bonus balls. If you miss, you also lose that round.

Features of Rugby 2021

  • The fun and intriguing rugby game
  • Various levels with many challenges
  • Collect coins on your way

How to play

  • Hold and slide the mouse left button to move and keep the ball
  • Release it to throw the ball

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