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Pong Ball


About Pong Ball


Pong Ball is a fun game to play with balls. In order for the ball to jump through the hole in the wall, you must catch it. How do I get the ball into the proper hole?

First, you will have a rectangular cushion, you have to catch the ball as it falls from the small round holes. Those round holes are the number of balls you need to push into the hole in the pink wall to win. If you have three round holes, you must be able to make three balls in. The rectangular cushion can move, you have to move so that the ball jumps to the right spot on the wall.

In the first games you only need to land one ball, gradually you will need more, and the target on the wall is getting smaller and smaller. This is a game that tests your patience and insight. You must calculate the elasticity and determine the direction so the ball can hit the target.

Tips: you should take advantage of the elasticity of the walls too so that the ball can hit the hole more easily.

How to play

Use the mouse, and move the pad left to right at will so that the ball can jump to the target, and the ball will fall from the small round hole in the top corner. If you drop the ball, don't worry.

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