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Idle Ants


About Idle Ants


Become the leader of the ants in the idle game Idle Ants that will delight you. Let's start the journey to build the nest and upgrade your ant colony.

Ants are famous for their solidarity and for working together very hard. That's because the leader of the ant colony is really talented at assigning them and getting them to work in harmony. To challenge yourself, play Idle Ants on Basketball Stars to watch the journey of the ants and build your own ant kingdom with one click.

Looking for food

To survive, there must be food first. Both the ants and you too. First, look for food sources so you can attract and develop more baby and worker ants. Fortunately, our ants can eat a lot of things such as bugs, fruit, chicken, sausages, or even airplanes. The more you control the ant to go to many places, the more you discover new and strange foods. As you find more and more new food in large quantities you will create more small ants, or worker ants. They will work hard with you, go to find food to expand this ant nest with you. That means you will have more money.

Territorial expansion

In the game, when you have a lot of money and a decent number of workers, you should expand the territory. Your ant population will increase day by day. If you want to create a large ant colony, it is necessary to expand the ant colony to many different locations. It will help you have more abundant food sources. Go anywhere and build a nest. On an island, a mountain, a city, or somewhere. There is also a task for you. If completed you will be able to receive many valuable rewards.

Grow and protect the ant colony

Idle Ants' idle game is like City Idle Tycoon, you will be the leader, protect and have the task of making your ant city thrive.

Unlock and upgrade many species of ants

From pristine to developed, scientists and geologists will be indispensable. They will be your companion to research technology and find rich land. You will find a place with abundant food and treasures such as crystals and gems. Once you have harvested enough food, soil, and wood, you can build a nest and the nest will automatically spawn a queen bee. Besides, you can also use the money earned to upgrade the ant colony. You go to the shop and upgrade or lose items that make you stronger and the quality of work will be increased.

Protect territory

And of course, when you grow too quickly, you will also be watched by enemies. They want to rob your food and land. The most important thing is that you have to unlock the fighters to protect your land from intruders. Build and upgrade your ant colony to be mighty.

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