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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


About Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a classic survival game in, which big fish eat small fish. Let's play and try to master the vast ocean.

When the Hungry Shark Arena emerges at night and the vast ocean is enveloped in an odd blackness, the struggle for food begins to take shape. You too are part of this food struggle. To get to the position of ultimate power and rule the entire kingdom beneath the sea, you must devour smaller fish. Your actions resemble those of vicious predators who eat prey that is smaller than themselves. There is a law of nature that big fish will eat small fish, and smaller fish will eat bigger fish, a pre-existing rule of survival. If you don't eat to grow, you will also die. To survive, you must battle. Compete with other sharks, and master the vast ocean. The more fry you eat, the stronger and bigger you become, when you have no opponent, the fish that survives to the end is the winner. When playing the game, you will feel the realism as if you are deep in the ocean as well as the gloomy atmosphere around here.

How to play

You use the mouse and move your fish. Go to places where there are small fishes, just touch them and you can eat them. Continue like this until you are the last fish and own the ocean.

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