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Color Galaxy


About Color Galaxy


Color Galaxy is a fun and competitive color game. You choose the color, build up your land and eliminate the opponents who intend to encroach on the land.

You are in the fun color arena where you paint to expand your territory in your own land. In the game, you will not have to play alone, you will have opponents and we will go and rob each other's land.

If you want to create your own land, you have to create a closed circle. That circle is the land with your color. And when you see the opponent intends to rob the land, go through their tail, if they have not created a closed circle, they will die, you need to quickly draw your land to expand. Conversely, the opponent can also kill you when you are not paying attention.

Players compete to claim the most territory during matches. You must capture control of half the map in order to win, and your opponents will do everything in their power to stop you from doing so and reclaim any territory you hard to seize.

Tips: keep an eye on your opponent even while you are drawing, if you see a pair approaching, quickly draw a circle.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse, and arrow keys to draw and unleash your creativity for your own land. Draw as big as possible, to take over large land, besides also paying attention to the opponent. You are the one with the most land and survive to the end to win.

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