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Burst Em All


About Burst Em All


Burst Em All is an interesting game that makes us feel really comfortable and enjoyable. You just need to control the arrow to destroy the moving balls above.

Use your arrows to shoot all moving balls in a limited time. This is your main mission in this arcade game.

Varying balls of various sizes and colours may be seen moving in a circle in this game. To shoot them, you only need to click. Since it is quite easy, we may overcome a variety of problems on several levels. A multiplier score will be awarded if we fire the balls in a straight line. We have 30 seconds to complete each level. The upper left corner of the screen displays the countdown time. In the right corner, the level we are playing will be shown. Additionally, the lower-left corner of the screen will display the number of arrows. Try to use the maximum amount of arrows to complete each level.

You will need to replay that level if you use all of the available arrows but still can't get rid of all the balls. If you miss, you will lose 1 arrow. Try to strike the ball. Although this game is relatively simple to grasp, excellent accuracy is necessary. In order to avoid wasting arrows, you must shoot each shot very accurately.


  • Try to shoot into a row of balls.
  • Keep an eye on the clock and the number of arrows.

Features of Burst Em All

  • Easy to play and understand
  • Interesting sounds
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Suitable for everyone

How to play

  • On the computer: Use the mouse to play
  • On the phone: Tap on the screen to play

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