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Bubble Shooter Level Pack


About Bubble Shooter Level Pack


Bubble Shooter Level Pack is a classic bubble shooter game in which to eradicate bubbles, you must shoot bubbles at bubbles of the same colour on the screen.

Your objective in this game is to remove all of the bubbles on the screen. To do that, you just need to shoot the available balls upwards to destroy the balls of the same colour. When at least 3 balls of the same colour are next to each other, they will be broken. When you break the balls above, the balls attached to the bottom also explode and burst. Simply touch on any of the bubbles on the left side of the arrow to pick the one you wish to shoot. To win this game, you must complete all 48 levels. If you shoot a bubble and it does not produce a match of three like bubbles, you will lose 200 points. Let's play and see how many levels you can pass!

This game has many different levels for players to try. In each level, we will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to play. Time will count down when you start playing. During that time, you must try to pass the round. On the right side of the screen, you will see what level you are playing, how many points you have, and how much time is left.

Tip: You do not need to use the balls in the pre-arranged order of the game. To be able to pass the ring faster, you can change the position of the balls by clicking on it.

Features of Bubble Shooter Level Pack

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Simple gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Vibrant sound

How to play

Click your mouse or touch the screen to shoot the balls.

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