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Basket Bird


About Basket Bird


Basket Bird is a fun game that everyone should experience. Let's make the bird fly into the cloud, the bird's nest. oh no, the bird flew off the nest, fell!

Weird basketball forever! Instead of balls, in Basket Bird, you have multicolored birds, round like donuts. Accurately calculate the trajectory and shoot the bird through the basket of the appropriate color. These "basket" birds are too plump to jump. However, they're so funny to watch rolling in the grass rolling their eyes! Play this free brain-teaser game right now!

In the game, you will use your skills to make the bird fly into the bird's nest-shaped cloud. The bird will fly in the way that you control. Left, right, high and low, it's all up to you. What you need is to control the bird but also within the allotted time. There will be a time bar at the top of the screen. If you can't put the bird in the cloud at the end of the time, you will lose. The bird is quite fat, so it is quite difficult to control. The clouds will slowly rise and fall again and again. Look and calculate the trajectory for the bird to enter the nest, get high scores, and put the bird in the right places. You must be careful.

Feature of basket bird:

  • The colors, birds' images, and sounds are all very vivid.
  • Suitable for making entertainment games to kill time in a healthy way for everyone.

Tips: You must calculate in a reasonable way so that the birds fly evenly or they will fly over the nest. Pay special attention to the time bar or you will lose.

Cute fat birds, let's try to see if you can calculate correctly to help the bird fly back to its right nest.

How to play

  • Use the mouse, left click to let the bird fly high, and control the bird to hit the bird's nest-shaped cloud.

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