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Ball Pass 3D


About Ball Pass 3D


Ball Pass 3D is the most dramatic basketball game. Shrug, throw the ball into the basket and shine. Beware of foreign objects in the middle. Let's play.

In this game, like many other basketball games, you have to hit the ball into the basket. but in this game, you will be able to play with teammates and friends. The special thing is, that this is a 3D game so it will help you get everything as if you were playing basketball outside.

When you first enter this game, they will let you choose the number of players you want, from 1-18 people. You have to bounce, throw the ball, run back and forth, and pass the ball to your friends. All are clearly depicted. A little bit different, when playing in groups, you will stand on large or small podiums and pass the ball to each of you so that the ball can enter the basket because the distance is very far.

When playing this game you also have the ability to throw the ball very well because there will be dotted lines measuring the distance and giving you a preview of the path of the ball. When playing alone, throwing the ball by myself is very boring. So let's play with friends, enjoy the feeling of synergy and help each other pass the ball from a distance. But you also have to be very careful with the foreign objects in the middle, they will destroy the path of the ball.

Tips: you should look at the transmission line on the screen first, the probability of the ball entering will be very high. If you play with friends, you must support each other and distribute the ball appropriately.

Feature of Ball Pass:

  • High level of stress relief entertainment
  • Realistic 3d game
  • Increase love with friends
  • A fun and emotional game, let's try it.

How to play

First, choose the number of players, use the mouse to drag the road in the direction you want the ball to go, then release, and avoid obstacles.

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