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Baldi's Basics


About Baldi's Basics


Baldi's Basics is a horror learning game. Baldi teaches a lot of subjects but unfortunately, scary things happen in the classroom one after another.

There are several games where players have to defend themselves from evil creatures by hiding or fighting them. Some developers create whole products based on frightful encounters. However, even the most horrifying ideas eventually become foreseeable. True visionaries need to look beyond the box and present novel ideas to counter it. That's exactly what took place in this instance. There is nothing eerie about the first Baldi Basics online lesson. The main character is greeted by a silly-looking primary school instructor. The music is upbeat, and the environment is well-lit and vibrant. At first, nothing seems dangerous or concerning. However, something evil and unsettling is going on in the background. What is ahead will only be manageable for the most courageous people. A survival horror stealth game with a no-holds-barred sense of humor, Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered is a cheap 90s edutainment parody. Try to discover all 7 notebooks while exploring Baldi's schoolhouse, but be careful not to get caught by him! But something... Isn't right. He wants to play hide-and-seek. The good news is that you have a ton of things you can locate and utilize to your advantage. However, Baldi also has buddies who may get in your way if you're not cautious. Additionally, try your best to maintain silence because Baldi hears every sound you make.

How to play

Use the ASWD keys to move with mouse rotations, and press Shift to run.

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