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Tunnel Race


About Tunnel Race


Coming to Tunnel Race, you must control skillfully to move in a narrow tunnel. If you hit an obstacle you lose and remember to collect balls along the way.

This game seems easy but it requires players to be very skillful and sensitive in the process of moving. Moving in a long and narrow tunnel with horizontal lines appearing on the left, right, and in the middle of the road, requires you to be very skillful to lead the circle to avoid obstacles. At the same time, you also need to avoid collisions with the two sides of the road. The game requires the player's quick eyes and hands, to collect as many balls as possible while avoiding the obstacles on the way. In the top right corner of the screen will appear the number of balls you collect along the way.

If you accidentally bump into those obstacles, the circle will immediately break, and you will have to play from the beginning. The speed of the circle will gradually increase over time, which means that the difficulty of the game also increases, and you need to be more careful when moving the circle. The number of balls you collect will be recorded each time you play. Try to collect as many balls to break your old records!

How to play

When playing on your phone, use your hands to scroll and move on the screen. Play on the computer and use and control the mouse. If you love obstacle races like this, you can try Burnin Rubber and Sling Drift.

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