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About Threes


Come to Threes and enter a new world with lots of numbers. Join the game of matching numbers together to bigger numbers one by one, and earn more points.

You want to play puzzle games to train your brain in your spare time. You immediately think of crossword puzzles, but they are too difficult and require a lot of vocabulary. With a passion for math, why don't you play Threes right away?

Your Mission When Playing Threes

When you enter the game, you will see a table appear on the screen. That table will have 12 cells. The numbers that will appear above here will have different value colors. Cells 1 and 2 will be combined to form 3. Cells with 3 or more that have the same value will be able to match. The more numbers you make, the more points you get. Let's see how big you can make it.

How to Combine Numbers in Threes

The first play, on the screen, will appear as a 24-cell table. Use the mouse to drag or swipe to appear more number boxes. You press left, right, up, or down as you like, but you must combine the cells to get points. 1 can only be paired with 2, the rest are the same numbers that can be matched. For example, when you match one with two you will get a 3, with that 3 you move to match another 3 to get a 6. Two 6s put together to get 12. And so on. to make the number as big as possible. And so on until there are 24 tiles that can no longer be matched, then you lose. Let's play and try to create a lot of big numbers to get more points and show off your achievements to your friends.

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