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The Battle Cats


About The Battle Cats


Take control of an army of cats in The Battle Cats and destroy the approaching enemies. Just choose a cat that you love and let's fight.

On a clear day, unfortunately, our cat's land is invaded by other animals and strangers. Fierce enemies like snakes, lions, dogs, etc are getting very close to the stronghold. Can't let that happen. Put on your armor and start fighting to help them.

Build An Army Of Cats

Before entering the game, choose your favorite cat from the shop. You can choose to buy multiple cats and form an army of cats. Then start going out into the city and fighting. When participating in the battle you will see that there is a power indicator right below the animal and your opponent. The higher your stats, the more hits you have and the higher your chances of winning. When that number returns to 0 you lose.

Win Against The Opponent

Your task will be to drive out all enemies from the outside with evil intentions. You have to fight until you run out of enemies. To fight with stronger opponents, the faster you have to click the left mouse button. Every time you win an enemy you will get coins and cat food and unlock to the next level to meet stronger opponents.

Tips In The Battle Cats

Want to fight and fight against strong opponents, use the money and rewards you already have to buy more cats with stronger fighting power. The more powerful cats you have, the more cats you have in your hands that make the enemy afraid. Moreover, before each battle, you can ask for the help of support tools such as increasing the speed of mining money in the game, increasing damage to cats, increasing the amount of XP earned after the battle, etc. The more opponents, the stronger each level, so these will help you protect the stronghold with your cat army.

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