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Star Maze

About Star Maze


Star Maze is a fun game about difficult mazes. Solve the maze puzzle, paint it evenly and collect all the stars in this mysterious maze.

True to the name Star Maze, in this maze there will only be stars. Your goal is to escape this dangerous maze and still earn enough stars along the way. When you control the ball, it will leave a color trail behind it. Don't worry, that's how you draw the maze and it's a must-do to pass the levels. Besides, you have to design more of its path to be able to collect stars along the way. You will not be able to control the ball to stop or change direction while switching. It will only roll to the end of the road in the way you control. The game has 100 levels, corresponding to 100 puzzles that you have to solve to continue. In a lighthearted yet challenging arcade game, you must use your brain to escape complex mazes. Increasingly, the higher levels of the maze will have more obstacles, making the way out even more difficult.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse to control the ball in the maze. Remember that you must draw a line to collect enough stars to pass the level and you must of course solve the maze puzzle quickly because time is limited at each level.

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