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Smash Karts


About Smash Karts


Smash Karts is an exciting 3-minute racing game. During that time you must collect the weapons in the mystery box to eliminate all opponents from the track.

The racing game genre in Basketball Stars has always been a favorite genre of many players. Because it represents the competition and the joy that speed brings. And Smash Karts will also bring you racing tracks with endless fun. This racetrack does not have deserts and dangerous mountain roads. Here there are only winding turns with sharp turns.

The fun in Smash Karts

Your character and opponents will be cute animals like frogs and rabbits. Sit in a car together and drive the car together. This race has only 3 minutes, which is quite fast and urgent. During this time, people will know no one and confront each other. The tracks will have their own dangers and gifts, play and explore.

Win in Smash Karts


In the 3' long race, although short, you must destroy the opponents to win. Just like when playing Road Crash. Let's make the enemy's cars explode, fall into the sea, etc., when only you survive, you will win.

Open the mysterious gift box

To destroy the rest of you, drive your racing car to collect gift boxes with question marks along the way. It is the place that provides you with weapons such as spikes, cannons, etc. But note that the weapon only works for a short time. Once there, quickly run back to the opponent and stab them immediately.

Upgrade and control the car


To control racing cars in Smash Karts you use arrow keys or ASDW movies. Cleverly push your opponent against the wall, off the track, and against other obstacles. Be the race survival champion

Upgrade Car

To upgrade your car you must have money to buy items in the shop. To have money, you have to work hard to play a lot. Every time you beat an opponent you get money. Going around along the track you can also get gold coins. In the menu of Smash Karts, there will be countless characters, hats, weapons, … for you to choose from. Try to earn a lot of money that will make your car look cooler and win your opponents better.

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