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Slope Ball


About Slope Ball


Slope Ball is an exciting obstacle course running game. You control your character to overcome obstacles with many strange shapes.

Your task in Slope Ball is very simple. Control your shape ball running on a slope, on that slope, there are many obstacles that you need to overcome. Sharp rocks, ... avoid it, avoid all obstacles in your way. Jump very high to find the way as well as collect gold on that slope. The more gold you collect, the higher your assessment of your ability through each level will be, three stars are the highest rating you get. Along the way, try to collect as many valuable items as possible. They will help you at higher levels.

The layout of the Slope Ball includes 5 spots and 11 thrilling laps. Your job is to fight to save the mascots of these locales. With Slope Ball, you may now save T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and even the Shark Megalodon. Of course, being a rescuer is not easy.

There are many items for you to choose from, and along the way, you will see countless beautiful items. Whichever you want to take, but be careful with dangerous items. Items marked with a red x should absolutely not be taken. You can also get skills for your character because through each portal, you will be a different character and have different abilities.

Tips: Each character such as a ball, cube, robot, etc is at a different level and has a different ability to move. Be very careful before unlocking the door because the skills you use will be changed.

How to play

There are three ways you can control the character to jump up if playing on a laptop, press the space button on the keyboard or the up arrow button and simply left-click. And if you play on your phone, it's simple, you just need to slide your hand up. Each level will have difficulty and the control depends on you. Go as far as you can.

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