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Slap and Run


About Slap and Run


Slap and Run is a fun 3D online game for your relaxation. You slap everyone in the street until they chase you without getting caught then you are the winner.

On a beautiful day, you go out to play and suddenly you feel depressed, what do you do? You will not be able to imagine the things that the naughty boy in the game will do. He's so bored and wants everyone to play with him, so he slaps them every time he meets them. Everyone who is calmly walking on the sidewalk and being slapped by someone must be very angry and chase after the person who hit them right? So are all the people here. But this is exactly the purpose of this naughty boy. The more people chasing him, the more money he gets and until he reaches the finish line and no one catches him, he wins.

Game Play

Like in Subway Surfers, you will be walking around the streets and causing chaos and then running away. Use the mouse to control the left and right and slap the guests on the road. Then the more people chasing you, the more points and money you get. Note that along the way there are many dangerous obstacles, if you do not avoid them quickly you will lose. Similarly, to get caught by the police or the people you slapped, you will be beaten and also lose the game. Remember, the more people you hit and the more people chase you, the higher your chances of winning.

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