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Silly Ways To Die


About Silly Ways To Die


Join the exciting game in Silly Ways To Die to save every character. Are you smart enough to help the characters escape from silly dangers and deaths?

This is a game with many small levels. In the game will appear cute characters with big heads, small legs, and arms. One by one they are facing mortal danger. What will you have to do?

Silly Ways To Die's Rules

In Silly Ways To Die, you will have three lives and you must rescue those little characters from dangerous situations. Each small game screen is each character is about to be burned by fire, the ax of the woodcutter, etc. You just need to hurry to rescue them. If you don't think of a method, you will lose a life.

How to rescue in Silly Ways To Die

The way to rescue these silly characters is actually very easy. You just need to pay attention and quickly use the mouse to push the danger away. Remember you only have three chances, if you fail to rescue all three then you buy. For each successful rescue, you get 100 points. Good luck.

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