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Rocket Bot Royale


About Rocket Bot Royale


A tank game with many players like Rocket Bot Royale is being loved by many youths. Join this race right away to make coins and become the last to survive.

You join the game and control your favorite tanks for a long time. You have been facing stronger tank opponents. This battle can only be won by whoever is the last one to survive.

Strong Tanks In Rocket Bot Royale

With these powerful epic tanks, you need to use your cannon to take down your opponents. Collect coins along the way and upgrade your weapons. The more tanks you defeat, the more bonuses you get. In this battle, the water level where you stand is getting higher and higher, so it is imperative that you eliminate all the opponents. Just get more money and help yourself survive. Give yourself a tank that no other opponent can beat.

Control Tanks in Rocket Bot Royale

You will use the arrow keys or simply the A/D keys to move your beloved tank around the island. After moving closer to the opponent, move the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot. Defeat all the opponents and you get the bonus. Use that money and upgrade your tank. Pay attention to the time and the icebergs are slowly melting, don't fall down.

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