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Quick Capture

About Quick Capture


Quick Capture is an engaging and engaging strategy game. Use all means to expand your castle as quickly as possible without letting your opponent destroy it.

Let's start building your own empire right away. The majority of the lands that will be visible on the map shown on the screen will be your fortress. Your aim is to start exploring and opening up the adjacent regions. There may be further castles to explore in the newly found places. Once you've chosen a target, send your army soldiers there to invade the territory. As soon as the enemy's fortress falls, then it will be your new land. However, keep in mind that your castles may be attacked by the enemy, so don't ignore defense and have continual garrisons in them. To summon villages and towns that pay taxes every 50 seconds, click on cells near the home base or another captured cell. Capture balloons and utilize them to land your troops anywhere on the planet. Each balloon may only land once, so use them with caution. Start fighting to expand your own land right away.

How to play

Use your mouse and clicks to control your soldiers and take the land right away.

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