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About Punchers


Are you passionate about martial arts matches? If so, play Punchers now to practice making boxers, and defeat all the opponents with just your skillful hands.

In Punchers, you are transformed into a boxer of boxing to participate in matches. This is a 3D game with true graphics and sound that gives you the feeling of being playing in real-life matches.

Join the Boxing match

Going to the competition, you have to fight with your fist and defeat your opponent in the boxing arena. The strong shots from your own hands will bring you the title of the championship. Certainly, when participating in the match, you will feel enthusiastic, and spiritual and bring fierce competition. It is like a new wind that brings unforgettable emotions to your tedious life.

Control The Character Punchers

While participating in the match, you must really have agile reflexes and control the swinging force to win the opponents. Besides, you will also have to avoid heavenly punches from the opponent. Move quickly between ASDW keys. Avoiding forever is not a good way, so remember, if you want to punch the opponent on the left using the R key, the right hand, use T.

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