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Protect Emojis


About Protect Emojis


Protect Emojis is an interesting online game that can help you to have fun after school. In this game, you have to protect our cute emojis to pass levels.

With vivid graphics, eye-catching colors, and interesting sounds, this game will give players a new and extremely enjoyable feeling. Look at these happy emojis, evil balls are standing by to attack them. Our task is to create a barrier by drawing lines to protect emojis from the attack from the colorful balls which are shot from the tubes.

The game has many different levels and diverse challenges that require players to be creative to help the cute emojis. Besides protecting emojis from the onslaught of balls, you have to keep them from falling to the ground. The difficulty level of the game will gradually increase, and the number of emojis and tubes will also increase. The higher the level cap, the more different obstacles you will encounter. They will move to make it difficult for you. Avoid the spinning wooden sticks and use the pink balls to protect the emojis. It's pitiful to see the worried eyes of emojis. Let's join now to protect them. Emojis will have fun with heart-shaped eyes as you help them through the challenges to level up! Let's play RIGHT NOW!


  • You can use the moving obstacles as a way to protect your emojis.
  • Don't let the emojis fall down.

Features of Protect Emojis:

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Attracting 3D graphics
  • Lively sounds

How to play

Use your mouse or touch the screen and drag to draw a line.

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