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Pass Me

About Pass Me


Pass Me is an engaging and fun ball game. You pass the ball to each person one by one. or avoid obstacles and have nice passes. Try hard!

In the game Pass me, you will be part of a team of many people, and you have to pass the ball to your teammates. one by one in turn. The ball will be spread from you to the next person. Your task is to pass the ball, so if you can't pass, you will lose.

Through each level the difficulty will increase, there will be obstacles, foreign obstacles that you cannot anticipate. it will block your ball path. it blocks the ball, drops the ball and you lose. but if you can still transmit, you can pass for a long time, transmit to many people, you will receive items, rewards, and beautiful costumes.

Every time you pass the ball to each person, you will see gold stars next to them, you have to make sure to pass the ball over there to get stars and increase your score. Pass the ball beautifully, get stars, unlock it step by step, get rewards and increase your rank. Let's see the beautiful passes and how far you can go.

Tips: Pay attention to the obstacles, before transmitting, you must pay attention to how to go to the transmission line, and how to eat the stars, and in some cases, if the star is too far away, it is okay to not spread it.

How to play

Left click, hold the ring, and drag to push the ball. Move left to right at will, and pass the ball beautifully to the following people. you will automatically move to the next person so you just have to pass the ball in the right direction, unlock it, and get the reward.

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