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Ninja Escape


About Ninja Escape


Have you ever thought of becoming a ninja and going to fight the samurai? Come to Ninja Escape to start dangerous battles with deadly traps.

Surely you know how dangerous it is to be a ninja, right? Being chased by enemies all day but with top-notch skills. Now you will experience the thrill of a ninja right in this game. Make sure to run away and save your life by thinking fast like a ninja! Throw shuriken stars at the rival samurai warriors in order to survive, and stay out of the traps to prevent dying. Overall, In the game Ninja Escape, you must run and leap at top speed while dodging various hazardous obstacles, stamp your feet as you move, and slide. Besides, soar as high as you can to get away from the dangerous enemy samurai pursuing you. Only with a successful escape can you complete the mission, and unlock the following levels. While passing a level. Do not rush to rejoice. The following levels will again be more difficult challenges for you. Of course, you will also be able to freely purchase additional accessories to increase your strength and skills.

How To Play

To participate in the fight, you will use the ASWD keys or the arrow keys right above the keyboard. The game will be more fun if you play with friends and think together about how to destroy opponents.

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