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Neon Guitar


About Neon Guitar


Let's step into the exciting world of music with Neon Guitar. Pick the right notes of rock songs, earn lots of points, and become the ultimate musician.

If you love music and want to have moments of gentle relaxation, then you have found the right game. Coming to Neon Guitar you will become a professional musician. With 8 classic rock songs for you to try and show your musical abilities. The bright neon colors and quality sounds in the game are sure to keep you hooked.

Neon Guitar Quest

When participating in this Neon Guitar music game, you will be free to choose between rock songs to play. Choose a favorite song and start playing. After being selected with the mode that suits you, you will start the game. On the playing board, there will be musical notes falling with different colors. You will have to use your flexibility to hit those notes. The more you hit, the faster you complete the track, and the more points you get. Try to play a full song to enjoy the catchy rhythm.

How to Get Scores in Neon Guitar

In Neon Guitar, there will be three modes for you to try with each song Easy, Normal, and Hard corresponding to 8 songs. The speed at which the notes fall will correspond to each name. First, the note will fall very slowly and increase slightly when in Normal mode, and finally, the drop speed will be extremely fast in Hard. For each note you hit, you get points again, so you must choose the level that suits your ability to get the most points. So how can you hit the notes? You will see on the playing screen there are 4 cells in 4 colors arranged in order. The musical notes will automatically fall down according to those rows of colored boxes. If you play on the computer, 4 tiles will correspond to 4 ASKL keys in order from left to right. You see which note falls near to which cell first, press the corresponding keys. This game will require high agility and reflexes, can you become a talented composer and get a lot of points?

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