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Mutant Escape


About Mutant Escape


Playing as a mutant in Mutant Escape, you will find yourself as a hero locked in a secret laboratory. Let's use your power to escape.

At a covert laboratory, experiments were conducted on the game's main character you are control. Because he is a mutant with many superpowers, he is always painfully tested in the laboratory. Must escape immediately. Choose your mutant powers. You have access to a variety of powers, including electric power, barbed traps, stone-like transformation, and invisibility. Take advantage of the guards not paying attention and find a way out. All surrounding doors are locked. If you discover the door's key, that is the only way you can leave this place. Guards guard everywhere because they fear your power. If you decide to escape, hide well. You get caught again, and you lose. Furthermore, lasers are positioned at the chambers' entrances. You can also collect more weapons along the way to shoot down the guys who want to capture you.

How to play

Like the heroes in the game Stickman Super Hero, you will help him escape by controlling the arrow keys on the keyboard to move out. Pay attention to observing and calculating the paths carefully to successfully escape and get bonus points.

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