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About Lightbot


With Lightbot, you have joined a programming puzzle game. You need to set up commands so that the robot can move to the positions and light the lights.

At the beginning of the game, you will see a cute robot with striking gray and dark blue blocks. The main task of this robot is to light up the blue boxes on the screen. Your task in Lightbot is to program the robot to go to the boxes to light the lights. Each gray box is a move, so you have to calculate it carefully. When you light up enough lights, you will pass the next level that is more difficult to challenge.

The special

When playing the game you will completely rely on your own ability to pass the level. There will be no rewards or suggested items for you. You have to use your own logical thinking to overcome difficult puzzles. It's also a particularly thought-provoking programming game that isn't boring for everyone.

Instructions for Controlling the robot

In the Lightbot game, you need to use commands to control the robot. There are commands that you often use up arrow, left arrow, right arrow, jump, and light bulb. These command symbols are equivalent to the way the robot moves. Pay attention to the Main Method panel, you will click the mouse and in turn, set the signal that you want the robot to move from left to right. Each box corresponds to a command so you must remember to put enough. For example, if you want the robot to walk on two straight tiles and jump over two consecutive steps, you must set two up arrow commands and two jump commands. Until you predict your robot can reach the blue squares, leave the light bulb icon. When going there, the robot will light itself and you will win when you light up all the cells that need to be lit.

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