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Jumping Clones


About Jumping Clones


In Jumping Clones, you will have a clone that performs the same actions. Your task is to control both of them to jump over obstacles and reach the finish line.

In Jumping Clones, you will be like a dice running in a dark cellar with many nooks and crannies. Surprisingly, this tunnel is always divided into two identical halves and includes a copy of you. Isn't it interesting to see a clone doing exactly the same thing as you? The surprise aside, what you need to do now controls both of them to find their way out.

Mission in Jumping Clones

Of course, when in a dark cellar, you have to find your way out. Do you see a mysterious black circle spinning in the corner of the screen? That's the exit. You will have to control yourself and your clone to get there. Although this maze is divided into two nearly identical halves, there will be separate challenges and difficulties. You must pay attention and control skillfully to pass the level.

Overcoming Danger in Jumping Clones

To start the game in Jumping Clones, press Enter or Space. After entering the main interface, you will see two identical dice in the two halves of the maze, press the ADWS keys to move left, right, up, and down. These two characters will be controlled at the same time, so you need to pay attention to dangerous objects around. As long as one of them dies, you lose. If both reach the finish line safely, you will be moved to a new level with more challenges in an unfamiliar space.

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