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Jump Ball Adventure


About Jump Ball Adventure


Jump Ball Adventure is a challenging adventure game with difficult levels. Help the ball jump over the obstacles, get more stars and reach the finish line.

In Jump Ball Adventure, you will be the controller of the balls. You move the ball to jump evenly, walking on flat walls. Do not let the ball go down the wall with sharp white nails. If the ball hits the nail, the ball will spray and you will lose.

You know, usually, every game requires you to get gold coins or diamonds to be able to rate and score yourself, in this game too. You will have to get gold stars along the way. You jump on uneven walls, high and low, there are sharp nails waiting for you to jump in and the destination is a small black and white checkered box. You overcome the jumping challenges and become the winner.

Each level in the game has different difficulty levels, and the obstacles and paths will become more and more difficult. Try to eat a lot of gold coins to exchange for stars after each level (one to three stars) and you will get some attractive rewards, change the ball to jump higher, and overcome challenging levels.

Tips: You need to carefully observe the directions to the destination to avoid obstacles most effectively before letting the ball jump. You should also choose the path to the destination quickly, you must also consider the lines that help you jump higher.

How to play

Control the mouse, and click so that the ball can jump. Pay attention to controlling the ball to avoid obstacles, and get more gold coins as possible. The ball just jumps to the small black and white checkered box that you win, past the level or use arrow keys to play this game.

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