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Jelly Battle


About Jelly Battle


In the world of Jelly Battle, Red Jelly try to occupy the food of Green Thach. The numbers on the jelly are the steps that you can move to defeat Red Jelly.

The Jelly Battle game allows you to take care of a lovely green pet and join the opponent. The game is gentle and suitable for children, especially girls. Both have light entertainment and can practice the ability to calculate the paths.

Things you can do with jelly

A series of interesting things you can do with them when free. Throughout playing, you will have to take care of them, feed them, bathe them, etc. Especially due to jelly, you can arbitrarily name as well as create your favorite style. Finally, my pet you have to participate in the fight to regain the area and food from the ugly red jelly.

Green Jelly With Red Jelly

Bad red jelly relying healthier on is coming to your area to occupy soil and food. On a playground, there will be a limited cell that can go. On the red jelly and blue jelly, there are numbers, it refers to the steps you can go and create more jelly on the field. You click on the arrow directions available for the jelly to move. For example, jelly with the number 2 and you click on the left arrow, you have created two more jellies to the left. On the pitch with fruit food, if you go right in those cells, your pet has been eaten. You should also remember, red jelly is a smart guy and is trying to occupy the soil and food of green jelly. If you can't find your way to create more green jelly, you and your pet will lose.

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