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About HyperDoll


HyperDoll is a fascinating game about the battle of stickman superheroes. Join this thrilling battle, and destroy your enemies to win with your own sword.

HyperDoll awaits you with dramatic matches. You must defeat the enemies with the superhero's sword. In this one-finger game, you control a stickman character and try to kill your opponents by striking them. You simply need to start the stickman war. Do not be scared if enemy stickmen attack you. In this deadly game, you must use strategy and be strong to bash your opponent to smithereens. When you make the opponent no longer have any bloodlines, you will be the winner, you pass the level, but you should not rush to rejoice, when passing the next level, of course, the opponent will also be stronger and harder to hit. As a result, you must use your special skill. Besides, take advantage of your own skills such as building walls of swords around you to protect yourself. You can make yourself indestructible by surrounding yourself with a wall of swords and make the opponent fear and be wary. What are you waiting for, join the HyperDoll battle to compete and become heroes right away.

How to play

To be able to control your stick hero, use the arrow keys or move the mouse to participate in this survival match.

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