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Halloween Lonely Road Racing


About Halloween Lonely Road Racing


Halloween Lonely Road Racing is a fun game about weird races. With a monstrous and gloomy atmosphere, you can finish ahead of formidable opponents.

Not like regular races, this game combines scary elements with automobile racing to fit the festive spirit of Halloween. As in many other racing games, you must complete your race to the finish line as quickly as possible. You will encounter terrible things along the way, such as the unexpected appearance of zombies, as well as obstacles. The gloomy and full of horror atmosphere that surrounds you, as well as the antique dwellings and the vehicle you drive with pumpkins heaped behind you, will make you feel as if you've entered another dimension. It's difficult to determine if you're running fast out of fear or for the race at that time. After each race, you will be rewarded immediately, you should spend the money you earn from winning races on new autos to improve your car and abilities so you can pass increasingly difficult stages. Each level will have a limited time constraint for you to finish this lethal race. 

How to play

You use the arrow buttons on the keyboard or the ASWD buttons to move your beloved racing car when playing on the computer to get the best experience.

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