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Halloween Ghost Balls


About Halloween Ghost Balls


Halloween Ghost Balls is a horror game, but equally fun on Halloween. Let the skulls grow as many as possible when reaching the destination.

This is no ordinary ball-breaking game, on the contrary, you have to make your number of skull balls increase rapidly. The surroundings were closed, full of old walls, cobwebs, and flames. The atmosphere is gloomy, you control your group of skulls through the blue ghost flames to increase the number.

On the way, you will encounter many more obstacles, obstacles, sharp spikes, detours, and turns that can make you lose more of your skulls. You will lose gradually and when you reach the destination where you do not have enough numbers you will not be able to pass the level.

Help the ghost to break through, and get in contact with the blue flame as much as possible. The surrounding images will make you excited with the approaching Halloween atmosphere.

Tips: let's control your legion to go slow will help them gather the most complete and perfect.

How to play

When playing on the computer, move the mouse to help your skull army avoid obstacles, left, right and the balls will go straight to the finish line.

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