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About Faceball


Faceball is a special sports game in which green players are kind heroes, and purple players are bad guys. Your mission is to defeat the bad guys with a ball.

In this game, you are the green character, the purple characters are the enemy, and need to destroy. You will use your ball to topple those bad guys by sliding your mouse to guide your green stickman to throw your ball. Your mission is completed when all purple stickmen are eliminated.

This game has many levels with different challenges. The higher the level increases, the more difficult the difficulty increases. The number of your purple opponents will be more and more through the levels and the number of balls to throw at the same time will also be more. It will be harder for you to control the direction of the ball because the balls can collide with each other and change direction. When you do not pass a certain round, you need to play again until you succeed to be able to move to a new level.

This entertaining game is inspired by the game of handball. Throw the ball at the person you want to destroy. Thanks to easy controls and simple mechanics, Faceball will bring you wonderful relaxing moments. However, it also requires you to have your own strategies to ensure that all your opponents are hit by the ball.

Tips to play

  • You should aim and shoot directly at the body of the purple players. Don't aim at his ball!
  • Don't shoot a green player!

Features of Faceball

  • Vibrant and attractive 3D graphics
  • Highly entertaining
  • Various levels with different challenges

How to play

  • Defeat all the purple guys and protect the green players.
  • The gameplay is very simple, you just need to point the ball to the competitors to destroy, and it will help you pass the level.
  • In case there are objects nearby, you can use them to achieve your purpose.

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