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Dunk Fall

About Dunk Fall


Dunk Fall is a highly entertaining online game with the ball suspended from a moving rope. It will help you dispel fatigue and stress. Play now to have fun!

In this game, your mission is very simple. You just need to control the ball to help it jump through the basket that appears in a row to achieve the highest score possible. With funny sounds and eye-catching graphics, you will definitely love this game. Each turn you will have 3 balls. The ball will be hung on the rope, swinging back and forth, and below there will be a basket. Your task is to click on the screen to let the ball fall through the basket. Each time you succeed, you will get 5 points. The position of the basket will change every time you throw the ball. Therefore, you need to be very skillful to help the ball hit the basket. You can take advantage of the 2 walls on either side to help the ball bounce into the basket. This game has no time limit so you can calmly overcome its challenges.

Try to make use of 3 balls to get the highest score possible. If you drop all 3 balls out, you will have to play again. Good luck in timing your shots to put every ball in the basket!


  • Take advantage of the two walls to throw the ball into the basket.
  • Don't be quick, you have time, so, you need to be careful each time you shoot the ball.

Features of Dunk Fall:

  • Interesting gameplay
  • Funny sounds
  • Eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Suitable for everyone

How to play

  • On the computer: Click your mouse to shoot the ball.
  • On the phone: Tap the screen to shoot the ball.

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