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Drunken Boxing


About Drunken Boxing


Drunken Boxing is a game in which two players participate in a boxing match. Control staggered boxers to knock down opponents and win consecutively.

Drunken Boxing combines fierce boxing matches with entertaining humorous elements. You will control the martial arts characters staggered like drunk and perform powerful punches against the opponent. One or two shots too much and your vision will be fuzzy and your movement will be clumsy. Both fighters are very difficult to balance this is the interesting point of the game. Whoever has a strong punch through the opponent will win. While playing, one thing you need to keep in mind is the meter bar that measures your and your opponent's energy. The more powerful punches you throw, the faster your energy will run out and you will need time to stand still to recover. This is also the golden time for the opponent to defeat you and you can do the same with your opponent.

How to play

Feel free to punch and launch combo moves so that the opponent can't turn back. Controlling the drunk martial artist character just by using the mouse is like controlling the crazy stickmen in Stick Merge, Stick Figure Badminton 2, and Stickman Super Hero. If you are tired of fighting alone, you can invite your friends to play with you to find the champion with the strongest punch.

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