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Drift 3.io

About Drift 3.io


Drift 3.io is a violent and novel racing game. You, the cars, and seven other players compete on and are the last survivor in this endless race track.

If you love cars and are passionate about speed, Drift 3 will be a great entertainment game for you. Not only racing on fierce tracks, but the game will also let you race with seven other cars, equivalent to seven difficult opponents. New features promise to bring you the most realistic and dramatic experience in drift racing.

An exciting new feature when you are too tired to go to the track and compete alone. Drift 3 lets you race alongside seven other people. A very long race, with eight people in the ring. And in this race, you will master your racing car, pushing your opponents into the depths. When you are the last survivor on the track then you are the winner.

Do you think it will be very simple? The truth is not. When you get close and push someone into a deep hole, the other person will do the same to you. If you don't pay attention, you will also be pushed into the abyss and lose. On the way there are countless opponents around waiting to push you down, so you should be the proactive one. And the sharp corners are also the challenges you have to overcome to survive. Although no one pushes you, if you do not control the racing car, you will also fall into the abyss and leave this race.

Another notable thing, before starting a race, you will be given the right to choose cars with names, colors, designs, and features that match the preferences and personality of each player. From cute little racing cars to luxury racing cars, there is enough for you to choose from.

Tips: Before entering the match, choose the right car. In this eight-player race, you're the one who takes the initiative to push your opponent's car before they grow big and push you into the abyss. Pay attention to change the direction of the car quickly when encountering deadly turns and when meeting many opponents at the same time near you, run far away to not fall.

How to play

You will first choose a car model before entering the racetrack, click to choose the model you like. Next, press and hold the left mouse button to control the car, and turn the car in the direction you want to be left to right. When you first play, Drift 3 there will be hints to guide you to control the car. You can skip it if you want. Overcome each opponent, unlock each level and fierce races are waiting for you.

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