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Donut Slam Dunk

About Donut Slam Dunk


Donut Slam Dunk is a fun game to entertain in a great way. The dangling donuts, the cake in the pretty boxes, and the flying coins.

When playing this game, you must be surprised by the beautiful cakes that you see first. Cute pink donuts are dangling. In your hands are equally cute cake boxes. the cake keeps spinning around, you have to wait for the right time when the cake turns down to the box itself, press release. If the cake hits the box with a certain amount, you will pass the screen and win.

The beautiful cakes are dangling and need to be boxed. But whether the boxing wins or not is up to you. The cake keeps spinning all the time, but you can't move the cake box. So you must seize the opportunity quickly. The cake just needs to deviate, if it doesn't fall, you will lose immediately.

Each level will have different difficulty levels. The higher the level, the faster the ball will spin, there are difficult obstacles to catch for the ball to hit the box. Besides, there will be gold coins flying around and you have to earn more coins by letting the cakes fall on those coins. The more money you get, the higher your rank will be.

Tips: See clearly, watch carefully to see the swing of the cake, when you see that the cake will hit the box, then click the mouse to let the cake fall. Must be quick.

How to play

Notice how the ball swings and then when the ball is straight with the box, then click the left mouse button and the ball will hit the cake box. Each time the cake falls on the cake box, you will get 1 point, and if you win the gold coin, you will get the point of the gold coin and if you win the box, you will also get 5 points. If you fail, you will lose.

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